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Summer Program

Ages 5+
Summer is a time for fun and exploration! Programs during the Summer is a refreshing break away from the normal Fall and Spring curriculum, bringing different themes and mediums to the students. Each Summer we focus on culture, art history, or different formats and mediums. It’s a time to explore and experiment. We want to expand our students understanding that art can come in different forms and most importantly it’s a time to have fun!

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Q: What is the age requirement for the Summer program?
A: Any student who is over 5 years old can participate.


Q: Is the Summer program the same as the standard class?
A: The format of the class is approximately the same, however the theme is different and includes special activities and art making with hands on instruction and experience.


Q: My child participated in the Summer Program of CM Cubed last year. Will the theme be the same this year?
A: The theme is different every year. Our Summer themes do not repeat, so every year is a special and unique.


Q: What is the theme for 2021?
A: The theme will be announced around mid-April.


Q: How long is the Summer program and how many hours?
A: Summer program is usually two months (8 weeks). The standard Summer Program are 8 classes, 1 class per week; the Summer Camp is two weeks, 4 hours a day.


Q: When does the Summer program start and when does it end?
A: The Summer program usually starts in the second week of June, and ends in the first week of August.


Q: During the summer program, are there any other classes available?
A: Yes, the sketching, painting, animation, AP, and portfolio are still available.


Q: My child is a student of CM Cubed, do I need to pay additional for the Summer program?
A: The summer program is an independent program, separate from the usual school year or semester classes, and students of CM Cubed need to pay additional fees. CM Cubed students have priority in registration and include some discount.


Q: My child is not a registered student of CM Cubed, can he/she participate?
A: Yes, we welcome any student who is interested at art who is 5 years old or above to participate.


Q: When does the registration start?
A: Registration will be accepted after mid-April.
Please contact 626-319-8060 or WeChat cm-cubed for inquiries.

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