Ages 13+

This portfolio course aims to guide students to complete a high-quality portfolio within a specified time to apply to the ideal university or art and design college, art high school, or conservatory.

Portfolio training is for students to develop good learning, research practices, and processes for art making. Strong training and good habits will benefit students throughout their academic and professional careers.

Over the years, our alumnus have been accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Carnegie Mellon University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Art Center School of Design of Pasadena, University of Southern California, and other top art and design universities with scholarships.

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Q: My child is in the 10th grade this year and is interested in animation, but his academic foundation is relatively weak. Will he have enough time to prepare a portfolio?
A: Every student's learning ability, concentration, and time allocation will vary. So your child’s needs and requirements will also be different. An interview appointment is required for evaluation to asses the best route to take for the student’s goals.


Q: My child is in 7th grade and hopes to go to art high school. Are there any courses in this area?
A: Yes. Art high schools and conservatories are becoming increasingly popular and competitive. It is recommended to prepare early.


Q: My child is very good with her school. Will the art Portfolio be helpful to her collage application?
A: As we all know, college admissions in the United States is not only based on SAT or ACT scores. Top schools look for well-rounded student applicants, with a range of interests and activities. A high-quality art portfolio can highlight many aspects of the student: imagination, observation, critical thinking, communication skill, aesthetic taste, personality and consistency.


Q: Is the Specialized Art Portfolio class a private one-on-one class?
A: Not necessarily. Small group teaching is what we advocate, and the Portfolio class is no exception. In addition to drawing and painting, students need to learn communication and collaborative skills, private one-on-one classes lack this valuable learning experience.


Q: How much is the tuition?
A: Based on the plan and class, and for specific details, please SMS 626-319-8060 or WeChat cm-cubed for consultation.


Q: Can I try the class?
A: Portfolio classes do not have trial lessons, but you can make appointments for interviews and evaluations.

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