ClassesArt & Humanities-Beginning

Art & Humanities-Beginning

Ages 5-6 

“Art and Humanities” is the core course of CM Cubed Art. Our educational purposes, goals and methods focuses on aesthetic education, gradually improving students’ humanistic knowledge, cultivating aesthetic taste, expanding imaginative and critical thinking skills. To work with public school’s schedule, our teaching curriculum is designed around the local school year schedule, too. This class touches subjects that range from the past, Eastern and Western art, folk art, Pop, to contemporary art.

Students from 5 to 10+ years old will enter different level classes according to their age and foundation. After 5 years of training, the students’ humanistic literacy, aesthetic taste, thinking and expression skill will far exceed those without training of the same age. Arts and humanities will lay a solid general foundation that will benefit for further study if the student chooses to do so.

Clay class

Student Artwork

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Q: My daughter/son will be 4 years old in September this year, can she/he sign up the class?
A: We usually only accept students who are at least 5 years old and older, but there are occasional exceptions. Such as, if the child is more than four and half years old, he/she loves art and can concentrate and participate in a group environment for the duration of a full class. You’re welcome to make an appointment for an admission assessment.


Q: How long is a class period?
A: 2 hours per class, including a 5 minute break.


Q: How many classes does a student need to take for each week?
A: Depends on how many, and what program a student registers for. For a regular program, a 2-hour class for one program per week is the starting baseline. Students can sign up for more time and classes based on their schedule. AP or portfolio program students will need to take more than one class each week.


Q: How many classes are there for one academic year?
A: 40 classes. Except for Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year and Summer Break, there is one class every week. In order to ensure the progress and effect of learning, standard class students must complete at least 40 lessons per academic year.


Q: Do you have any summer program?

A: Yes. In the summer, there is a special project-Hello Art, which accepts applications at the beginning of April each year.


Q: What should I do if I am absent? Can I make up lessons?
A: Please notify us at least one day in advance for personal leave, and inform the school in time for sick leave so that you can arrange make-up classes as soon as possible. Failure to provide notice will be regarded as absence, and consistent absenteeism cannot make up classes.


Q: How many students are in a class?
A: We have always advocated for small class teaching. During remote online learning, the maximum Is five students for each class.


Q: Are you currently teaching online or in physical classes?
A: During the pandemic, with the exception for the portfolio students, all classes are virtual.


Q: How do you charge?
A: Tuition fees for ordinary classes are charged on a school year or semester basis. The tuition fees for different classes will vary, and tuition fees of different periods are slightly different. Please contact 626-319-8060 or WeChat cm-cubed for inquiries.


Q: Can I try a class?
A: You are welcome to make an appointment for admission assessment, and those who meet the requirements can arrange a free trial class.

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