Contemporary, modern, and full of possibilities: CM Cubed Art aims to build talented creators as well as big thinkers.

Cultivating a Love

for the Arts and Culture.

CM Cubed’s focus on art is not solely in just creating a pretty picture, we aim to create big thinkers! History’s greatest artists dared to experiment, investigate, and observe the world around them.

We have high hopes and dreams for our students, with the intention to nurture a love for art and culture. This is to also set a higher standard and introduce new ideas about art education for our local community.

We provide an art education experience that is well-rounded and informed by multiple disciplines and impart skills that strengthen and prepare students to think critically and practice effectively. At the same time, we take into consideration each student’s characteristics, level of ability, age, and interests. What speaks to one student, may not to speak to another, but everyone can learn to appreciate art and culture!

Our faculty consists of highly esteemed professional artists that are experienced in the art industry field. Members of our faculty take part in the Los Angeles Art Show, currently the foremost art show on the West Coast of the United States. Teachers have long been active in art circles, educational and art institutions, media, art fairs, and galleries; with connection and communication with industry professionals. Our involvement in the arts industry gives us specialized insight and knowledge that brings relevant and deeply informative activities; we provide a teaching style that looks toward the future and the development of individuality.

CM3 is home to unique teachers, visual exploration, and education. We feature a professional exhibition space, with regular exhibitions featuring professional and emerging artists, and student work. Workshops are also held by visiting professional artists and educators. Classes are open to people of all ages and all levels as young as pre-K to adults.


Weimei Chen

Director, Founder

Mr. C

Instructor, Co Founder

Efrain Martinez


Brain Moyer

Animation Instuctor

Isabelle Yee


Hiba Saleh


Chan Nhu Le


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